Undyne parkour

Date: 7/6/2019

By EvelynIsDreaming

I was in a grassy hill area with a road and a row of houses with a view of the sea with some brick structures or something and Undyne, possibly Toriel, and maybe one other undertale character, (possibly Asriel Dreemur boss fight version) and I think there was a narrator sometimes too. Undyne was challenging me to do her obstacle course which included jumping across the tall brick structure and then sliding down a big turquoise slide. I was hesitant, (the narrator I think was explaining my thoughts and the situation at this point) and I think asriel and toriel were talking at one point (maybe to each other or to reassure me) I felt that if I didn’t attempt the course, Undyne would be disappointed in me or something. After some thinking, and all of them watching, I started to climb the ladder. Undyne looked really happy that I was attempting it, (Pretty sure she had stars as eyes and was putting her hands up to her cheeks excitedly) then I slowly climbed down the slide a bit to see how far down it was. (The slide was blue at the top, and turquoise at the bottom half) Once I realised that it wasn’t that bad, I slid down and saw Undyne at the bottom standing behind what looked like one of those tall stand-up desk things. She said that I was meant to slide down the slide after I completed the parkour. I felt a little like a failure. Even though I didn’t realise I had to do the parkour first, Undyne was still pleased that I tried, and we started to walk back home. My dream cut to us living at the deemster house where dad and I were standing in the hallway near the bathroom and talking. Pretty sure I was still thinking about how I was too scared to do the parkour part of the course, then Mum, Dad and I were at undyne’s course and they gave me some tips about how to improve. It really helped! After that, I was in the end of hallway at the reliance road house put a rope around my waist-chest area and swung like Spider-Man across the door frames or something. Meanwhile, Nualah (my younger sister) was standing in my door and watching (and possibly admiring) me while I swung. I was also telling her about how Mum and Dad gave me some good parkour tips and stuff like that.