Walgreens Bar

Date: 8/18/2017

By ksm464

I was at a bar going out. Except the bar was like my local walgreens. And my friends I was with was people whose faces I don't remember and Kylie Jenner. Me and her were best friends and she started to like lay down on a shelf and hide because she wanted to go home. And apparently I was her closest friend and she couldn't understand why I wanted to stay and felt like I owed it to her to leave when she's upset. I usually wanna leave parties, but I saw a guy I really liked and *hooked up with once there. He tried talking to me since that hookup and I won't because I'm scared* (*real life) Anyways I'm not guy crazy so when opportunities happen on their own I feel like I have to make the most of it. It was his birthday and all my friends sat down with his family to sing to him. And kylie was like giving me an ultimatum to leave now. I stayed and sang to him and we kissed and she left without me. But I was stressed the whole time and checking to see if she was okay bc again I really thought we were best friends in that dream.