Lucid - My weird "mirror self"

Date: 5/7/2017

By Jonas

This was a brief lucid dream I had yesterday, so that's why some details are a bit blurry. Also I should mention I'm a guy, as that helps understand a bit later on. I don't remember how, but I found myself lucid, in a small-ish room, sitting in a sofa. It was all very blurry and I felt the dream escaping (me waking up), so I rubbed my hands together and said something like "clarity and clearness" and the whole dream went into full "4K video quality" instantly, which was awesome and pretty mind blowing (it's the first time I was able to control a lucid dream in any way). The room was all grey and had no windows, only a steel door in the right corner of the wall I was facing, and had a pretty creepy interrogatory/solitary cell vibe to it. There was only the sofa I was sitting on and a glass table in front of me, and a mirror on the center of the wall I was facing, but I couldn't see my reflection on it while sitting, because it was too high. After examining my surroundings briefly, I stood up and couldn't see myself in the mirror for some reason. Then I realised I was at the "wrong angle" (even though I was looking forward directly into the mirror, as you would normally do to see yourself), and proceeded to tilt to the side, until I could find my reflection. When I finally saw it, what I saw was a woman, around my age, with some features like mine (like hair and eye color, for example), with her hair tied in a pony tail, looking straight forward (but not at me) in a weird robotic/possessed way. For some reason that was not just the fact that that wasn't me in the mirror, seing that woman as my reflection REALLY freaked me out, which is even weirder considering I was somewhat lucid, and would be expected to not react so intensily to something I knew was just a dream. After that I tried rubbing my hands together once again and calming down but it just didn't work and the dream quickly shattered itself away and I woke up a bit scared and a bit fascinated.