New School Year

Date: 3/11/2017


It's a new school year. I begin in my first period class: physical science ( which I've already taken in real life.) Then, I'm in History. We are also making rules for a game called gamesaver. It's kind of minecraft, but it's better on multiplayer. Everyone plays in the school. Then, I'm in third period. There's a new teacher. Her first and middle name is Madison kierra ( she's Actually a lady I met zip lining in real life.) She gets pissed at everyone. They are all talking and one of my friends starts singing. She screams and gives everyone special lunch ( basically silent lunch) but me. Lunch is now. We don't aren't being silent and we are playing the game. Now, I'm going down the hall. My best friend Max and my principal are there. We go to a rock climbing wall that you have to jump down. We all go, but accidentally. I try to climb up the wall and avoid the vent at the bottom. I try to go up and Caleb ( Max's brother) is right above me and I'm afraid he's going to fall on me. I get back up to the top platform. I see a room. It's so elegant. It belongs to some big shot. I want to go in. My principal says I can go in but he has to go with me or I'll give in trouble. I got scared and go back out. Then, a large Hawaiian guy walks in. I have to fight him for Madison. I beat him. Dream ends