The bus

Date: 5/15/2017

By PhantomDreams

In the dream I awoke to the sounds of an alarm clock. I was laying on a huge bed in a big, grey room. The room was empty sans a giant window on one wall, the bed, and a nightstand to the right of the bed. On the nightstand there was an old, white lamp and a rectangular, hot pink alarm clock with gold accents. I had a strange feeling that later on this clock would become a person and that they were being kind in waking me up. So, I leaned over and pecked the top of it while thanking it. I grabbed twenty dollars from off the stand that I hadn't noticed till then and stood up. i had the same feeling about the money, so i too kissed that before I walked out of the room and into a big kitchen. my mother was standing at an island and sent me a smile before wishing me good luck. She called out an 'I love you' as I left the house to go to school. then the dream slipped right into a ton of school kids on a big bus going down the highway. a woman was driving. She suddenly started worrying because she thought she passed the exit that would lead to town, but she wasn't sure. So, we all got off the bus and ran across the busy highway to Look up the ramp. sure enough, it was the one we needed. As we looked, another school bus from a different school came along with a new bus for us. they had thought we had broken down and were trying to help. we didn't need it so they left as we returned to our own bus. the driver started backing up, but stopped. She realized the exit had a sharp turn and she was scared to flip the bus so we decided to keep going.