Hogwarts and Tjoc electric boogaloo

Date: 7/24/2019

By NerdNetwork

I awoke to find my self before a college campus of old brick buildings. I turn to the building on my right. Two side pillars with chalk colored compasses on each side marked the entrance to a doorless building, and when I turned back all the other buildings were gone. I had decided to step on the right compass then suddenly noticed the amount of people around me. People in wizard gowns, school robes and casual outfits. The compass had glowed before I was shot a feeling of comfort that told me I was accepted. Then I had suddenly appeared in a long, very old, wide, very high ceilinged hallway with two extending smaller but also as high hallways. A weird pathed division sat above leading to more doors. The building was dimly lit with yellow bulbs, and the floors so far were all green carpet. People appeared next to me, people I knew. First a girl (who well call Harley) who had been wearing a pink white tie dye shirt, and rainbow choker from when we first meet. Then another girl (who well call Gale) varnishing a white more lose and sleeve striped in pink as well. A braclet made of string was on her right wrist, maybe my brains way of saying that was the only thing noticable about her. She already had started talking as loud as ever and being annoying. As we walked down the hall in a crowd of people. Other murmured about how they hated Harry, Harry Potter to be exact. Cedric was roomed with him and people I didn't know but remeber the faces of passed and glanced. One with orange hair, kinda skinny, and wearing orange and black looked in to Harry's room innocently. The other was two black haired kids watching in as well; as the crowd went around them. I continued on looking for a room with my name on it. I found I was with no one and had no room along with harley. however, it was starting to get to when I could pass out so I decided to look for one. I had looked around the place for only a few minutes when I found I was on a second floor peering down a weird stair case into a large, highwall gameroom with the largest weird skiiball I've ever seen. Under it by the second stair well a small hallway was brightly illuminating. The light was white rather than yellow, and the wall were brand new white painted metal, and the floors were made of pure white tile instead of the dull green carpet. I had started my way down and something started to feel off, and out of place. All my sense were going off that it was dangerous to go that way, but I wanted to find the original halls now because I was suddenly lost. I suddenly noticed the two fallout like metal doors at the sides of the hall wall, barley out of sight. As I step to the front of the hallway I am stricken by fear. I glance down to see the bright lights shining on a familiar face. It was Chica standing at the end of the hall. Kind of sitting down and looking to the corner, another big door like the hallway entrance at the turning corner she's sitting at. I walk closer and notice something else. Chica is broken down. A missing jaw, endoskeleton heavily exposed, and looking burnt. A silent scratching like sound came from the top of her jaw. Looking in the door windows i can see two white dots, eyes, looking at me. The door bangs as I back into the wall. It bangs again and it breaks ajar. Foxy, now endoskeleton more exposed and burned clawing his way out. I push my self against the door trying to hold him back, but chica gets up. She runs at me and I manage to duck under her before foxy breaks out from the door. The two pursue me as Freedy and Bonnie (also scorched, deformed, and missing face pieces.) Join in the chase. As I reach the end of the hall I can't seem to get the doors closed. Finnaly I slam them shut just in time as they bang on the heavier steel walls. I lock the doors with another bar as I hear the banging. I rush of back up stairs and find my self in a strange new exposed hall. To close to the hall stairs for comfort, but this was the only place some other beds were. Harley made it here at the same time, a big smile and pink cloud pajamas. The only two beds left to sleep in was just the box spring or a real bed. I gave her the real bed and laid pretty comfortably in the spring. As I laid down to the dim yellow lights a monitor appeared beside me monitoring my body like I was in a hospital. I somehow looked asleep to some teachers as they talked about me. "Something is wrong with her. She's not like the other students." "Well do the best we can. For now we just have to focus on keeping her stable." As they walked away I turn to a screen on the monitor which showed what was analyzed about me while I was covered in sticky things. In a weird green color it peeled away my skin like a cloaked and reveled and endo skeleton inside of me, and my heart and organs and stuff had become a weird working yet weirdly tangled web around the endoskeleton. I remeber having the most horrified look when I realized it. The room had done this to me. Those animatronics aren't just robots, and I am becoming just like them.