Zombie/End of the world pt1

Date: 3/24/2017

By DreamQueen3

my dream was showing me views of a small group of guys going to the movie theater and they were watching this horror movie about zombies and while they were watching it the movie become real and the we're driving a jeep down this dark dirt road in a forest. then I the dream was showing me this bridge and everything was all black n white and everything was abandoned like there was no human life and I was up in the sky viewing the city. then I was in a house with the windows all boarded up and I was going back and forth to am out house and then I when to the houses washroom to try to call my boyfriend to see if he was still alive but as I was calling him a huge zombie thing came crashing into the washroom and knocked me out. then I had a view of me dead and my boyfriend holding me in his arms