No Dreaming To Dreaming

Date: 1/25/2017

By Gan_Ning

I'm 29, male My entire life I don't know if I was dreaming and instantly forgetting the second I wake up or just not dreaming at all. Like I go to sleep at night then wake up and it morning instantly, like I wake from being knocked out no recollection and no emotions. So very very rarely did I dream maybe 2-3 times in a years time, where I wake up and remember my dream and the thing is I'd have to instantly start thinking about my dream, remembering it, if I wanted to retain the dream. Otherwise it would fade out of memory. Then about 6 months ago I stop talking to my father for personal reasons, like being a piece of crap father. Sooo I stop talking to him and then bam, about a month later dreams start coming to me everyday, every other day. I've dreamt more in the last 6 months then I have in my entire life. I wake up and don't have as a difficult time remembering my dreams I wake up feeling whatever emotions I had in the dreams which has never happen to me before. I'm not having dreams like I'm watching a movie or in 3rd person etc. all my dreams are all very lucid but not Astro projecting, in my dreams i know I'm at home asleep in my bed, like I'm living my dreams like they're everyday life. So far in the past 6 months I've only experienced 1 bad dream not a nightmare all the rest have been good or great. So Dreaming is pretty much like a brand new thing to me. I never really cared for going to sleep but now that's changing, like I'll wonder what cool fun or interesting thing I'll dream about tonight!