Birthday concert

Date: 6/23/2017

By ikura

Even though I am a woman, sometimes I dream through another's eyes. Tonight I was an old high school friend named Sean. It was my birthday, so my friends and I were going to a nerdy concert. We got all dressed up in out medieval fantasy costumes and set out 5 minutes after the concert was set to start. Once arrived, we were not allowed in. My friends got so angry at me they all left, including the girl I was secretly in love with. The girl's name is Cora, and so in my sorrow, I wrote a song to perform at an open mic joint that she frequents. It was such a good song. I made a little film to broadcast while my band was performing. It was called, "no one knows that he loves Cora more than kitty". (At this, the screen would show me petting my cat). Unfortunately, the moment we began to sing the first line, someone called me and woke me up. Who calls at 8:02am?! Stupid people!