Haunted Salon

Date: 6/23/2017

By ace200

A group of my friends, and other people from school, I guess were accepted to go a like school trip to a salon. Some people I recognized and remember were Aly C, Erin D, Ashlee J, Allie J, Jaycie K, Sofia C, Aaron R, other theatre kids, and some boys that were considered nerds I did not know. The salon place looked more like one big pool full of hot tub section in it. The whole place looked like the school pool though it was a "salon". The two ladies in charge of us were super strange, and weird things were happening while we were there. They would make the water cold and follow us around. I remember running away from something upstairs and the lights went out. A dark figure sprinted at me, but it was thankfully just Aly who almost gave me a heart attack. We all escaped outside eventually, and we were terrified to go back in and some girls were crying when the principle showed up to get us. The two ladies would tell us to do stuff too, like close certain doors or go places they knew we would be scared of or see ghosts walking in. I was then singing Let it Go at a concert. Idina Menzel was in the audience. I was standing dressed as Elsa on a stage that looked like her ice castle. I was doing well, but was sick and started to choke. I was crying because the audience was so mean. Four friends I don't know plus Idina came and consoled me. Each friend gave me a different lesson to learn and each lesson we drove to a new place. I don't remember much, but I know I liked the friends and wish I could see them again. There was also a part with Sarah R where we were going back to the abandoned house behind the cemetery, even though it was night, and we were at some school gathering. I also remember a part about a book and being in a lake and helping an animal in a boat to shore? A lady knew I liked her book and liked me.