fencing/gigi/elevator/warm water

Date: 8/4/2017

By rembrandt

I was having a duel with someone while we waited in line. We were fencing, and I won, so I got to stay in line. I had a dream that I was with my old friend,and she was really messed up. Like addicted to drugs and she seemed to be clean all day expect when she got rejected by some boy and then she went crazy; running around asking people for coke, I didn't know what to do, but I saw Gigi and then I told my friend; why don't you ask Gigi. So she ran over and gave this long explanation for why she needed the drugs, when she really just needed them because she was upset. I'm pretty sure I left after that. I found myself waiting for an elevator with other people from my high school/middle school. I was trying to get back to my dorm. We all got into the elevator but there was two sides of buttons on the wall to press. I accidentally pressed the seventh floor on the left hand side, and apparently this was not right. Those buttons on the left were only for seniors, and we weren't. The elevator zoomed up super fast like in Willy Wonka, I was kind of scared. Then once we reached that floor we quickly pressed the button on the right side instead. I had another dream that I saw the ocean at night. I could see people swimming amongst the black waves. I remembered to myself: the water is warmer at night because it absorbed all of the suns heat during the day.