dying Egyptian gods wanted to be worshipped again

Date: 8/10/2017

By asbailao

I dreamt that all Egyptian gods sent messages to people who study Human Sciences so they could worship them again, as they were dying from being forgetten (yes, I've read American Gods). they thought Human sciences people would have sympathy in them. I went to Athens (yes, in Greece, not Egypt) to help them and the city was devasted, it looked like one of those places thorn by war like in Syria, but also a big junk yard, like Tatooine but less orange. Walking through the devastated streets, I found a hole/cavern in the middle of the junk, metalic pieces, rubbish. inside, there were all the Egyptian gods and to get inside you had to make an offer, but with yogurt, and it had to be your favorite kind. I remembering leaving one by the entrance of the cave, and a really ugly thin and dying Horus God stopped me from entering. I found out that to get inside you had to drink it and I didn't pick my favorite one :(