Double dream

Date: 7/28/2019

By creeperplaying

#1: I took my bike and followed my friends to his house then got lost but I managed to find my way home. After that, somehow I was walking on a road that I didn't recognize and saw my mom riding the bike after going to the market. It was raining so idk and I walked home. A car or a bike ran by and splat muddy water on my face so I had to close my eyes (at the same time having an argue with my mom, can't really remember what it was about) but still I could go home. The weird thing is I went in through the back door then towards the front door to lock it. Some moment later, 2 people (maybe a couple) went through the back door as well. They talked (perhaps I can't remember conversations) and said sorry for the intrusion to me. After that is black and transition to the #2 dream. #2: the first thing I could remember was a brief image of Grapeapplesauce's friends , then I was a spectator (maybe not cuz it felt more like I'm one of his friends as well. I looked up to the balcony and saw the others were about to pour something (looked like grape juice but the only in my head that time was "is that 'grapeapplesauce' lololol") on his head. I felt like I want to prevent that from happening but I couldn't move anything but my head. Suddenly, a person went by and used something (I swear it looked like an iron without the metal plate but idk how the 'grapeapplesauce' got through that thing) to cover his head, but that seemed it helped only a little (maybe that person was the sign of a lucid dream). Grapeapplesauce was surprised by that. After wiping most of that off his head, a woman (idk but she looked kinda like Selena Gomez, weird right?) helped him to go back to his room. *whoosh* black again and to the next scene. (The next scene was not associated at all but I will assume it's part of the #2 dream.) I could see a man and a woman alone in a pool (that's right, alone with no one else around), the woman was lying on a float. By that scene, I think I had become a camera cuz I was panning around them. They were about to kiss then I was forced to look at their reflection. When I returned to the float, they turned into a cat and a rabbit? And I could here my brother's voice: "If a cat and a rabbit love each other, they'd be the cutest love ever." When the sentence was finished, everything turned to black and I woke up.