Very Uncomfortable vibes

Date: 6/26/2019

By bea95

So yea I’m abit unsure how to post on here as it’s my first doing so, but as much as this is something I want to do, it’s also a way to vent about this particular dream I just had, I feel so fucking shit right now, over a dream 😅😑. They’ve been so vivid lately. The dream started with my brother down town I was at my aunties house staying in the spare bedroom, I turned the tv down because I was nervous in waking them. Around ten minutes into a show on Netflix my brother calls in and hands me his phone, it needed charging, he said if he needs to he will just drop me a message on his new friends phone. I then got up and try to put his phone on charge but the wires where tangled so I began to untangle them, just as I did that I Hurd banging on the stairs an my brother and his new friend laughing. He popped his head around the door and asked for a pack of playing cards, as I went to pass him some his friend tried to enter, my brother said no, the lad had long hair up in a bobble, a beard, tall and wore glasses, he didn’t smile, just stared. I felt instantly uncomfortable. My brother takes the cards and goes into the room next door that he was planned on staying in. I turn the light off and carry on watching my show, then the lad walks in, and says he’s come for my brothers speaker he begins to go all through the clothes cub-board and I tell him to stop and that it’s not in there it’s right there on the floor in front of him. He stares blankly at me for what felt like a while. I pick my brothers phone up and use it as my excuse to leave the room, the boy grabs me by the hip and walks into the other room with me I felt stiff, and very uncomfortable, I sit down on the floor near my brother and the boys hand is now basically grabbing my thigh and moving closer to parts I didn’t want him to go to. I tell him to get off me, and I tell him again, and again, my brother laughs and thinks Iya some sort of joke, he then tells the boy to get off me too. He doesn’t and tightens his grip, I turn to him and scream in his face he let goes I don’t say another word I get up and leave to the bedroom I was staying in. It was dark the tv was off and I could barely see a thing. I get in bed and cry, then I got a sinking feeling that he was coming for me and I was out of control of everything I ran to the dressing table in the bedroom and hid underneath it behind the chair, I put a blanket over the top in order to try and hide, I remember crying but trying to stay quite, the way It felt to be so scared of something and feeling like no one around me would help. I Hurd the floor boards creek and the door began to open. I was stiff and was to scared to reach for my phone to call for help. I woke up and felt the exact same, laid in a dark room, I didn’t dare move I just laid there and cried. It sounds so stupid but man that was so vivid, even now thinking back it was so hard to differentiate that dream to real life, it felt so real. 😑 I feel silly 😅😂 I also apologise for the longness of this dream I just really needed to vent it out, rather than just writing it in my book.