Joey graceffa

Date: 8/3/2017

By turtleshelly

Ok so a few nights ago I had a dream about joey and it was weird we were studying together idk what subject but then he got close to me his cheek against mine he wispered a few words and I was flattered then he tried to kiss me and I was like no and backed away but he tried again and I let him it was great in the dream the I went home with my family I don't remember what I did with my family but they dropped me off at joeys and he kissed me on the forehead in front of my family my parents looked shocked but then drove away we went in to his house and he had 5 sisters and brother so we went in a closet to get food i tried to kiss him and he backed away as if it was weird I don't remember the rest but when I woke up I was like wtf just happened I thought about it for a while and was like why was I dreaming about him in that way first of all it would never happen second of all he is gay and I'm a little girl I don't have feelings for him it was only in that dream it was weird but nice that I know I can love