went to mexico for graduation, really really really random

Date: 7/29/2019

By kkthedreamer

basically my whole class went to mexico for our graduation even tho we’re only sophomores. i went there alone for some reason and went to a random beach and saw my little sister just swimming in the ocean with a life jacket. so then i joined her without a life jacket and she said i needed one bc the waves were so big. so i went back bc the waves kept going over my head. then all of a sudden i was in my middle school gym locker room and i was next to gracie and everyone was getting into dresses for graduation. i accidentally picked up gracie’s backpack and when she asked what i was doing with a dirty look i said i thought it was mine. so everyone left to go to the gym and i walked in like 20 mins later and everyone was already seated in the bleachers. and for some reason i was limping so everyone watched me just limp over to my seat. (this is a very random dream ik) then all of a sudden we were back in mexico and my mom and i were at some random house with mexicans and my cat was there with us. i was really thirsty so i started drinking water out of this fountain but my mom told me not to bc it could make me sick. then i walked over to see my cat and she turned blue and had a fan of feathers like a peacock. she was playing with some tropical bird and i was like “aww look mom!” as if everything was normal. then finally i was sitting behind liza on a jet ski and the sun was setting and we started heading out into the ocean along with a bunch of my other classmates beside me