Shadow Man

Date: 1/25/2017

By msteews

Is still sound asleep. I look straight ahead and I see a distinct shadow outside of the bedroom in the hallway. The thing about it is we stay on the sixth floor we have no back door and our front door sticks and is very loud when you open it. The lights from the parking lot are even height with our windows. I cant see through it but it's not completely opaque. It's just staring in the room. I'm so terrified that I can't even think to wake up my roommate. But I am not scared, yet. I just ball up under the covers and pray that it goes away. But if I hear it come in the room I'm going to completely freak out. But I guess nothing happened . hiThanks to the spy that shared this Craigslist ad with us. It’s gotta be fake, right? Here’s hoping it’s not, and right now some schmuck is sitting around waiting for photos from potential assistants. I’m an established Creative Director and i need your help. I’m looking for a great personal assistants who will eventually be able to do my job when i’m out of town… The best way to learn this is to watch it up close and personal. Candidates must be female, pretty, drug free, dependable, VERY open minded and available to work hard to please the boss. Enthusiasm and a good attitude is also required. Past Experiences a personal assistant or being a creative person are helpful qualities as well but not required. If you’re interested and think this might be a good job opportunity for you please send me some pictures OF YOU. Be sure to include a resume if you have one.