Cute Girls & Auctioned Memories

Date: 6/29/2017

By fluffytree

Nap: 3am~4:40am I seem to be in some unfamiliar conference building of some kind sitting in a circle of people of whom I don't know. It almost seems like a therapy group but we're all just talking about random stuff and no one is really moderating it. I don't really participate and stay quiet like I would irl but I do notice some cute girls. One I dressed up like a little girl though and is in this frilly doll-like baby blue dress with a big hat on too. She's cute but I find it very odd. I also find her very interesting too though. She reminds me of that YouTube girl Poppy now that I think of it. Just the clothes though since this girl is older and looks to be in her early 20s. I can't remember much else here but the group disbands although some of us still walk together. I see some more attractive girls up ahead that I wanna talk to but am too shy so I just walk close to them inconspicuously and admire from behind, wishing I was apart of their world and that they wanted me. Next thing I know I'm in this cafeteria of sorts with a bunch of other people and there's some sort of auction going on. Well I dunno if it's an auction per se, but it looks to be in the same building and everybody here has a set of big cloth bags they were given when they arrived and the host speaking is telling us the rules of what we can do with these bags. So there's heaps of junk around everyone and in these heaps are items that are of value to each individual. Some seem like junk or trash but they're not to the person. I'm sitting at some table with my family including Grandma Norris who I haven't seen in years and also Mr. Ellington my late grandmother's ex-husband, is alive and sitting with us too. I see my pile nearby and it's mostly paintings I've done in the past. Some of them are valuable to me while others not so much. Either way I don't wanna give any of them up cos they're mine regardless. I do notice that some don't look familiar but I find out that those were done by my old car mechanic Lamont. I had no idea someone like him painted and I'm surprised. He's here too it seems. Anyway, the auction gets underway and we have a time limit of maybe a minute and a half to go through all our junk, pick out what we really wanna keep and then throw it in the bag. We can't take everything either because at the end of the auction when we take it to a designated spot, it has to weigh in at 10 lbs or less. I have alot of pretty big paintings and drawings so luckily the ones I wanted to keep ended up being at 10 lbs exactly. It almost felt like being at an airport because it's like the same weighing machine and a guy in what could be a TSA uniform does all this. Lamont comes over to see that I decided not to put some paintings in and it was his that I chose not to add. He's not happy about this because now it looks like he'll lose his work forever. I feel kinda bad but it was either his stuff or mine. After the whole thing is over we sit down at our tables and the host gives a speech about something but I don't pay attention. All I remember is at the end she issues another vague "contest" of sorts where she challenges all the children to quickly wash their hands before eating and whoever is the fastest wins. I dunno what you win but when I see kids bolting towards the nearby wash areas in the back I decided to follow too. I mightve been the only adult who participated as well but I didn't care at all. I just wanted to win.