The Woods, Ice Cream, and Orange Juice

Date: 2/18/2017

By Finami

(From this morning. I still remember bits and pieces) I was driving to another part of the country I lived in. I had a navigation system which was going pretty loopy. Instead of making it to my destination, I ended up in the middle of nowhere. I ended up traveling on foot to find my distant relatives not too far away. Bottles of empty beer were seen scattered on my great uncle's territory, no trash can in sight other than one, which was overflowing with beer and juice cans. After meeting them for a moment or two, I got back in my car after rolling down a grassy hill. It was with the kids once or twice. As I kept driving, I found myself making it back home. What gave it away was the ice cream place that was a few streets away from where I lived. It seemed barren, but they were opening back up. From what I remembered, I ordered a chili dog; it was still a bit too cold for ice cream. When I got home, my parents wanted to eat sushi again. We went to a different restaurant, having a few cute Asian men I recognized from other stores I visited in the past. I had ordered an orange juice and chugged it down, having no difficulty. They continued asking if I wanted refills. I answered with yes so many times my parents rolled their eyes, barely keeping count on the times I wanted refills.