The Changing Glass

Date: 5/8/2017

By Zreyes333

I'm walking in a torn up neighborhood. The place made you feel like something bad was gonna happen at every second so I was jumpy. Every street lamp was blown out and broken except for one that was at the end of the rows of lamps, but even that street lamp was well overdue for a repair the light was so dim you could hardly tell it was on at night unless you were within at least twenty feet of it. As I approached the middle of the street a mirror suddenly caught my eye. The mirror was slightly cracked on the bottom left corner, it was the kind of mirror that any normal person could instantly tell that it came from an antique store because whoever bought it must like old things. When I went to look at my reflection in the mirror I realized it was no longer a mirror in the middle of a street but it was the mirror that used to hang on the wall in my grandma's bathroom when I looked at the mirror's reflection for the second time I seen a somewhat older version of me with a glow in the eyes, that, just by looking at made you feel like everything is alright. Then I woke up with a jump and my alarm went off and I got ready for school and left.