a threesome.

Date: 1/23/2017

By allseleniee

I have recently stepped out of a relationship. I find myself needing to be alone for a while, however there are two men in my life who are currently working at making me "theirs". This is simply background knowledge for the preceding dream. I am in a spooky mansion of sorts. It is meant to be Paul's house but it looked nothing similar to reality. There was no leading up to the events which occurred, all three of us (me, Paul & DJ) we're in a dark room on the bed. Both of them separately made intimate love to me, as if the other was never there. Though when one was not participating, he was watching me as if admiring me. I remember wondering how it felt for each man to watch someone else make love to the woman they want for their own. Towards the end of the dream I went to the bathroom and in the mirror there was no reflection.