Date: 11/1/2017

By HeyItsShelbyyy

Dad, mum, Joe and I were in Bali, and early during the day there was suddenly an urgent alert on the news, telling us that a huge tsunami would arrive at the coast of Bali at 5:30pm that day. I was terrified and urgently told dad that we needed to drive/catch a cab up towards the mountains, to escape the tsunami, but he declined; saying he ‘couldn’t be bothered’. I then started yelling at mum that we needed to get out of here ASAP, but she calmly told me that she was going shopping with a friend at 5-5:30, so that wasn’t happening. At this point I was getting frustrated and crying, because this was a life or death situation, and my family were acting like it was a joke. Joe didn’t really do anything significant this entire dream. As it passed 5:30, I was anxiously waiting for the tsunami, as we all stood on the beach (extremely stupid idea). Although it was late by a few minutes, the tsunami soon started coming our way. All 4 of us were standing side by side on the beach, holding hands and looking out at the ocean, when the tsunami began towering over us. I remember seeing the brown, swirling water above our heads and screaming my lungs out, while crying hysterically because I was about to die. As the water was about to hit us, I woke up, whimpering.