Mushy waters, beautiful mountain bike ride

Date: 5/23/2017

By TheNagual

A somewhat disturbing dream as it progressed. First, there was an area with multiple pools during the night time. I had a son and remember protecting him a few times. Somehow the sequence progresses to a massively large food processing facility. Inside was an infinite sea of grainy food mush and we had to sort through all of it. I had only one section to complete. There were massive and formless animals that were stuffed with the grainy mush, this was very disturbing. There was a women who did not have much shape, she was fat and was distracting me. Finally after some time, I jumped off the high section and dived down through the facility and flew away. As I was flying I see massive entrances to areas, each with a unique color, flavor, and texture. There was one that was light blue that read something along "knights of old" and one in solid blue that was a knight fighting arena. I go towards the light blue one, there was a picture of the characters: 5 heroic figures who were demonic but now fight for justice. They now used there awesome demonic powers for good against hordes of the undead, they were the only ones who could banish the undead army. The fifth one was there strongest: an iron giant character who was undead and vastly power. There was, as well, two grim reaper characters, one with a deadly scythe and another who rode a horse which reminded of a yu gi o card. Me, Christian, and Nathan gather around to watch a music video with a mountain bike race. It might have been the eagles and one of the band members was riding and was in second place. A professional rider with long blond hair was in the lead. He was soaring through the air, light and majestically. The scenery was high up in the mountains; bright, lush and green. He soared over rivers and mountain passes and performed incredible feats of perfect landings. In the end we watched as they turned to pure colors, one turned to a solid blue paint and the race ended.