the boy and the insects

Date: 1/23/2017

By Tjika

In this dream there was a boy who could control insects. He was really small and cute and was actually supposed to go to school, but he was often late just like today. In some part of the dream I was him, other parts I was just watching him. There was also a girl protecting him and living with him. The protecting was kind of necessary, because there were people after him. Someone tried to set a bunch of termites lose in his house by making the boy put one of his plants in the sun and giving it a lot of water, which turned it into a swamp. For some reason this actually worked, but the boy could control the termites, so when they went lose he could just make then go away again and he sent them to attack the one who'd try to set then lose in his house. There was also a talking ladybug who didn't want to be locked up, but was really annoying when flying around, so I (the boy) locked it up anyway. There was a lot more going on, but I can't remember what it all was.