Zombie apocalypse or Final Destination?

Date: 6/21/2019

By 16SweetieBri-Bri

It was the day before my graduation and I sat with some friends while the teacher was explaining some last minute things before the real thing. He had so much paper up there that I couldn't even count how many there was. An hour goes by and it's almost time to go, then, out of nowhere, a zombie-like creature broke into the school, and then it was final destination: a friend told me that she had a vision where she and a bunch of other people (excluding me) were dying. I was scared, but I had to help them. When the zombie saw me, it went after me and my friends and I guided it on stage (it was empty now). I knocked it down and asked my friend to pin it so I could kill it. She did, and I stomped on it's head until his brains come out. Everyone was so proud of me, but I didn't want praise. I wanted them safe. We all walked outside to go home and I woke up.