Demons?? And Shopping??

Date: 8/27/2017

By Dreamgirl99

I wasn't even part of most of the dream, I just watched it like a movie. There were about six guys who I knew where evil hanging out in this weird building with a million rooms. I think they were struggling to work together to get to someone but they all kept messing around. One of them, I think he was the dumbest, kept taking shits on pieces of paper and rolling it up. He'd laugh afterwords and the leader of the group would ask him what the hell he was doing. The next thing I remember is two of them flickering out of nowhere, tied to chairs and telling the others how they weren't helping them anymore. They wanted to help whoever they where after. They tried to kill the guys tied to chairs, but they couldn't because they were already dead. After that I remember bits and pieces of shopping in a store. I think it was a special foods store, like all organic and GMO free or something. I definitely bought vegetables. I might have been with someone, and my cart was full.