Date: 5/31/2019

By levinelover

I was at an outdoor swimming pool with my friends Abbey Sydney and Elite texting on my phone. We were all tanning. My texts were verified! My friends were on the other side of the pool and I wanted them to come up to me and talk about something. I saw Michelle at the pool and I went up to her and almost made up with her! I told her exactly how I felt and told her not to take it as accusations and just understand I was pissed and upset. I went back to my friends and there was a really hairy girl who even had hair on her chest on the other side of the pool (by chest I mean collar). We were still tanning but now near the end there wasn’t anymore sun we were just tanning in the shade. There was also an Indian guy with maroon 5 tickets. My ex-dad came to the pool also at the end.