fairy tale gathering

Date: 4/16/2017

By guido38

It started where I live . I was looking out the kitchen window . The sky was kind of orangish and the clouds looked really dark almost smokey . I was just thinking like I'm about to put on the weather . Then I saw a huge bird flying off toward the street behind mine . The more I looked I was like what kind of bird is that . At first I was like maybe it's a crane. Then I was like maybe a vulture . Then it seemed to swoop a little toward the house . It honestly looked like a bat out of hell . It was fucking dragon . Then I guess I left the house and went to a house I've never been to . It was practically a mansion . Had a fenced in parking area like court yard . Went in and there was a three story stair case to the left and then a hall to the right and I could see through the back of the den to the island of the kitchen to the back door . I was greeted by strangers whom seemed to know me quite a bit . Just a bunch of warm welcomes one of them poured me some liquor on ice . Maybe it was a party or gathering of some kind . Anyway I was walking with this guy that was dresses completely casual . Guess it was his house party . I remember telling him like it's ok . It's going to be alright . And you can't be doing that . And he just looked at me with regret like he was genuinely sorry . And I toasted him and was like cmon don't let it get you down as I walked him into the main part of the house where everyone was . Then I left and walked down the street went maybe literally around the corner of the quiet curved avenue . I stopped at this one house it was less luxurious and looked more middle class . There was this girl on the porch like she was waiting for someone . Sure enough I waited a second and she saw me and walked up . She was quite a looker too . And she took my arm . And we're walking back toward that mansion . She sees that guy I toasted at the party playing with some kids in the front yard toward the street . She glances at him and looks up at me . And says he's creepy . I said no sweetie he's just eccentric and can be a dick sometimes . Then I guess we walked back because I remember turning back around that corner and getting closer to the house .