Dual Body Control? (Semi-Dream Control.)

Date: 5/23/2017

By Rest-in-Peace

Dream seemed to fighting me so there's not much to tell. When I realized I was dreaming I tried to spin to go to a jungle, and when it didn't work I said fuck it and left the house to explore. I kept like partially waking up and when I did I'd remind myself it was a dream and I'm just dreaming and my vision (behind closed eyes) would almost go darker and I'd feel my body go limp/relaxed and then be back in the dream almost feeling like I was floating above my body before the dream was back. There was one point I was looking for a hot chick, and one point where I was trying to fly and could only get off the ground for a couple seconds. It was a very weird feeling, like everything I had to control with my mind. Opening my eyes would open my real eyes & it would feel like there was a shadow set of eyes on top of my eyelids almost. It's a hard thing to explain but it was amazing. So whenever I started to loose a grip on the dream I'd peek open my left eye for half a second, see my bed sheets, tell myself "I'm dreaming, it's just a dream" and then jump back into the dream. The last time I dove back in before finally waking up I was at this Asian place, and I was looking around while sitting at a table with an umbrella in the middle. I was on this balcony sort of thing and there were lots of tables lined up next to me with stairs down on the other end. I was at the end opposite of the stairs. I kept hearin "sir" and looked over to see this little Asian girl. I said hi and did a reality check. There was a sandwich on the table on this cool square plate. So I grabbed the sandwich, took a big bite and went on my way munching on the sandwich, off to explore. This is when I woke up and desperately tried to fall back asleep. 😂 --------------------------------------------- •Most of this experience was just trying to stay lucid and experimenting with it. •I had this drunken haze feeling over my entire body and it was like trying to do something was controlling my body so I had to use my mind to control my movements. I kept rubbing my hands together to get a grip, and I knew I was dreaming but for some reason doing the whole finger through hand reality check didn't actually work. So I had to use other methods(peeking out of my actual eyes mainly). I also did some spinning to get a grip but since I couldn't control my body like normal it was hard to stop spinning. (I fell a lot in this dream 😂) Once I got a grip on the dream I could almost basically control my body like normal. •The drunken haze feeling was very similar to my first and only other lucid dream MONTHS ago (over a year ago) before I stopped trying to lucid dream. (And I'm glad I'm back on path) •(I know this was kind of a shitty dream journal. I'm trying to get better at that haha. But I did have a few different scenarios to remember. And the first few started to get patchy once I got further along. I wouldn't call them different dreams, more so just different situations. (While I was writing the scenario thing I remembered this part where I was on a bus that was gonna wreck and was gonna save it before I lost a grip & scenarios changed. In my head I was like "no, no, no." And before I got my grip back it was too late to jump back in.) •There was also this one part where I was in the bathroom and was gonna jump through a mirror but didn't want to break something incase it wasn't a dream 😂 so I left the bathroom and confirmed my suspicions in a safer way) •When I was "looking for a hot chick" it's mainly cuz flying wasn't working the best so I said "fuck it I'll try something else." (Or maybe that's someone else?😉) •I realize this is a fuck ton to read, sorry about that. P.s. This was a mid-day nap that didn't even last an hour.