Casting Development

Date: 2/7/2023

By DreamWeirdo

I had this interesting dream that I was hanging out at Balboa Park specifically. It was a mix of the main part and Morley field. Then I was working at a recreation center at a different place inside of Balboa and I remember a mall or something strange. RJ, Erik, some other guy, and myself were all together at one point. I was on duty so I remember the anxiety of hanging out with them. I remember it was closing time. RJ was saying that he had a thing for one of the guys that was with us. There was a porn casting agent there that was trying to teach us how to be in a porn. We were all fucking up and really not worthy to be in a porn. I remember getting jealous when RJ started blowing the other guy and holding their hand. I can’t recognize the guy but I wanted to be with RJ or at least worthy enough to be with someone. I remember settling for a dude that was there and trying to seduce him. RJ didn’t have a care in the world. I had to close up work and it started to rain. Everyone there noticed how late and careless I had been. I was walking around aimlessly to try to find my car. It was a trek to do it. I had been invited to be a part of the photo shoot with a friend from high school. I think I recognized Stephanie. And then her sister was a random celebrity. I woke up

AI generated interpretation feeling anxious and a little bit embarrassed. This dream may be reflecting your feelings of insecurity and jealousy in your current relationships. It seems that you are concerned that you are not as attractive or worthy as the other people around you, and you may be worrying that your current relationships are not as meaningful as they could be. The porn casting agent may represent your desire to feel validated and accepted by the people around you. The rain at the end of the dream could symbolize your negative emotions, such as sadness or frustration, at feeling this way. The presence of Stephanie and her celebrity sister may be due to your feeling of envy towards them, as they appear to have a more successful and glamorous life than you. Overall, this dream could be a representation of your anxieties in your relationships and your desire to be accepted and valued by the people around you.