Wedding party

Date: 4/16/2017

By aflamia

I dreamed Ryan's brought me and my dad flowers for Father's Day and my mom was jealous. The were long and flown. When I touched them they shrank. Kisha was there. She lightened her hair more. I remember thinking she will never be satisfied with his she looks before the wedding. They were about to have a wedding pre-party which was going to be extravagant. Starting at the party there were many people there from all walks of life. I was supposed to perform. People from past present future and people I didn't know. When it was time to perform I went up the side way to avoid being a spectacle also I thought it was cooler to go up the rocks but when I tried to jump them I fell into the river and almost fell on a black guy. I tried to grab onto a rock before the river took me but I accidentally grabbed the guys orange bag and so I was floating closer to the center stage in the river though (embarrassed) with the guys bag. I swimmer hard as I could back. The guy got his bag and was nice about it. Then I got out of the river and I was wet and in a fancy dress and I was afraid Kisha who was now Rachel was mad at me. I was walking through the party and it was the coolest party outside/inside on rocks but with many fancy orderves and decorations. I was actually trying to leave the party. Bridget Dougherty was walking the sane direction and she was complaining about how my who're brother didn't have her in the wedding but had me. I felt like I tricked her into admitting she didn't deserve to be in it so that when we got to the exit which was a glass door in a valley with glass steps out and down the valley towards a highway. I let her go out the exit and I stayed. I felt superior. Then two guys good looking maybe mixed sat next to me and we're going to be in Ryan's wedding and I thought how maybe I should have sex with one then I thought maybe I shouldn't because it's Ryan's wedding. My dress was black