picking eunhee up at the airport

Date: 1/28/2017

By sidwayssheep

I was given the task by my sister reluctantly because she had to do something else to go and pick up our friend Eunhee at the airport. I was on my way to do it but I was going to watch a movie before hand, but then somehow I was in this large house where we had to find some other rooms I was with my close relatives. There is an Asian lady that had a kitchen in this mansion and let us go look in her room above the shop. After that I was in a room with my cousin's little cousins and they were all farting. And then I was thinking wow to go to a movie with them is taking much longer than going to win by myself and now it's getting much later in the day when I could have picked up her by now already. Eventually I got dropped off to where my car was in my car was not a car but a car tractor and I had a trailer. I had to back it out of the garage and do a sharp turn it in advance slightly to turn around. After that I went there a small passageway offenses and some deep water eventually my tractor was not even running anymore in the water and I got it out of the water and there were some deer that were in front of us in the fence and then there's another guy with a machine that help me get my tractor started again by reminding me to put it back down into first gear. So then I was on my way.