Forseen Death Hypothesis

Date: 2/19/2017

By Khiyt

In my dream, I was in a council for World Leaders or something like that, and I believe either we got stormed and seized by an enemy or there were just corrupt-minded shooters near us. One woman shot me in the back of my head while I was running out of the council place into an empty meadow (the building was isolated on a wild steppe for some reason), and the wound felt like I actually got shot, because I felt a fast and powerful pressure pushing against my head, as if someone punched the back of my head. I honestly don't remember how I knew I was dying, but after I stumbled on the ground, I took out a pistol and contemplated shooting myself in the head to avoid either getting captured or killed by someone else. I held the pistol and remembered that there is a small chance that the bullet could just leave me a brain damaged vegetable for the rest of my life if it didn't kill me. But that didn't stop me, I put the pistol either under my jawline or in the roof of my mouth, fired, and I died a death that only knew pain for a few seconds. My vision went out, and I saw an orange and brown oval shape stretching and growing in my brain activity. I then saw many bodies that seemed to be possible personas for me in the afterlife, and seconds later, a voice talked to me. It was of transcending intelligence. It was a deity. It was like God. The voice told me how the universe was created and I remember seeing images of people sitting under trees and seeing galaxies everywhere, all while God's calm voice was explaining things. It then told me chose a new body for me (I recognized it as reincarnation), and I lived in that body in an entirely new world. I was not entirely sure what that world was, either the afterlife, a new dimension, a new planet, or the Earth in the future. The most dumbfounding thing about this new place was that I was in the SAME World Leader Council that I was in before I died. All the flags of the countries were in the same places as before, these new people were talking to me, and life just went on as normal; later I was helping people with the construction of a building. I'm assuming this implies that that new dimension I was sent to is the next level of life and that life just continues there. We also get to keep some of our memories, with the exception of sinful ones.