visiting Robert Moss

Date: 1/27/2017

By bear

In this dream I went to visit Robert Moss for dream teacher training. I do t remember the exact chain of events but I remember that Jack was there. He had done something disrespectful and turned out to be not such a good guy, disputed my first impression being good and out connection on dream interpretation. I remember my brother was there at one point, he helped me get into Roberts apartment. There was a weird key box. I had to put coins into the right slots to get the key. The apartment building looked like my grandmothers in New York. At one point I was helping him get up of sit down because he was quiet a bit older. I was helping him and we were in Krstos's van but I was kind of ignoring him because I was mad. Then the scene changed a bit and I was watching a man and Shia daughter. He was so happy she showed up for the hockey game because she understood something about hockey that his son did not. His son said "what's is all ducking and dodging" but the man looked into his daughters eyes and said something about how it's about awareness, being there with it.