Jellyfish Errands and BoardBae Again 🙈

Date: 8/26/2017

By brookethegreat

I was running errands at the courthouse. I caught some jellyfish and stored them in my water bottle. The man at the counter did not like me. BoardBae met me there to pick me up for our first date. He was way less cute than I remembered and looked way younger. We tried some cute banter but it just wasn't there. We sat on the sidewalk while I organized my things and moved the jellyfish from my bottle to my backpack. I was nervous about squishing them and about the possibility of leaving jellyfish toxins in my water bottle. But the jellyfish themselves didn't sting when I touched them. A woman looked down at us sitting on the sidewalk and said "are you young people loitering outside my husband's courthouse?" She was married to the guy who did not like me.