Cursed and Confused

Date: 1/31/2017

By ShadowOwl

I was walking near a building when I saw some graffiti on the bricks. I stopped and looked at it since there were so many pretty blues and purples in it. As I looked, the colors started to morph and spread. They turned into horrible creatures that started to come out of the wall. I stepped back in fear, which caught the attention of man. The man, who had short blonde hair and was probably in his mid twenties, told me to come with him. I didn't agree before he grabbed my wrist and started dragging me to someplace. We went to the edge of the town to a house, which was his. He took me to a room in one story house. The room was fairly small but it was clear it was a bedroom. He set me down on the bed where I noticed another bit of dark paint in the corner of the room. Sure enough, I saw it start to morph. I told him what I saw and he explained that I had a curse of darkness. He told me that the paint couldn't hurt me and that he would help me. While he explained all of this, he wore a smirk which let me know he had something to do with my curse. He then put up a cloth over the paint and told me to follow him. I got up and followed. He gave me a quick tour of the house showing me all the rooms. There was his, two spares, and his office. He explained that I should stay with him until the whole curse thing was settled. I begrudgingly agreed. There was a time skip and a good amount of time had passed. Living with him was fine and we actually had another person living with us in the house. His name was James but I called him Boots and he seems to be about eight. While living with the man, I had learned a lot about the curse. The man had it too and so did Boots. The man knew that the curse was a sign for something, but he didn't know what. He just knew that he had to find me and Boots and keep us safe. There were apparently people after us. This particular day, I had gone to see my mom and help her grocery shop before I went back to the house. I saw Boots playing outside and the man sitting and reading something on the porch. When he saw me, he suggested we all go roller skating. We went all went to the rink and got our skated. Before I could go out of the rink, I noticed and girl who seemed to be in her early twenties with brown hair. She was really graceful on her roller skates and was actually spinning with them. She wore a loose black shirt, black skirt and leggings. The shirt and skirt looked really cool when she spun. I wasn't the only one who noticed her. The guy I was with noticed her too. I encouraged him to go talk to her. They ended up spending the whole trip together. Another time skip and it was winter. The woman had moved in with us. The guy converted his office into another room, but he denied that it was ever an office when I questioned him. He seemed to be embarrassed about it. I went outside for a walk and when I went back to the house, there were a bunch of men in suits. I knew these men were out to get all of us and I knew they were called B-men. I changed direction and started walking to the apartment complex that was beside the house. A few B-men saw me and I hoped they didn't know what I looked like. I tried to act casual and like I lived at the complex. It seemed to work and as I passed one of the men, I heard them say my name. I was started but realized that they only knew my name. As soon as I got in the building, I ran up the stairs to the third floor. There was an arcade there and I knew I'd find some of my friends there. Sure enough, the two girls I had befriended were there. I explained what had happened and how I was worried about the people I lived with. They understood. I noticed that the B-men were now investigating the apartment. I tried to act casual and keep my face away from them. As soon as we could, all three of us ran up the stairs to the fourth floor. This alerted the B-men and some of them ran after us. The fourth floor turned into a department store and I was ducking behind coat racks to keep hidden as I ran. We ended up being surrounded. Even though they had caught us, they still didn't know who they were looking for. I was just going to give the fake name Emily but one of my friends said my name was Peaches. My other friend suddenly said that she was me. I was astounded that she would do something like that for me. I woke up right after that.