Scientist working at PÅL'S PIZZA

Date: 4/6/2019

By GoldenApple

Oddy my friend had a scientist farm. someone was supposed to take care of it for him while he was working at the pizza place to earn some money. He trusted this guy, but he ended up completely destroying his farm because he did some shady experiements he had to hide from oddy and the world. It was also kinda me and my other friend lillian's farm aswell since we were working there sometimes. Oddy picked us up in his pizza work car. As revenge he had already destroyed the other dude's farm, burning it down. He was driving full speed away from the crime scene in the melted car. We drove past a bunch of police cars that were headed to the farms. I asked him to be careful because the car looks suspicious and they might find us. He says:" dont worry the car just says PÅL's PIZZA" The car didnt have a number plate on, only those two words. He crashes the car in a ditch and we just run.