Dolphins, chimps, and priests

Date: 2/21/2017

By bonnierojo

I was on a ladder in the middle of the ocean with dolphins jumping below me. They wanted me to come play with them. But I knew there were sharks in the water too and I was scared. Kelli told me she had been there before. Then a rich man with many pet chimps came into Emmer (restaurant). I remember the story about a chimp eating a woman's face. I'm scared and I ride home with a girl I kind of know. We listen to music. Then I'm at a food court with Marox and I get a Subway sandwich. I didn't order it, they just brought it to me. It was close enough to what I like so I ate it (I checked for cheese and it was there). She tips the guy $200 and I say that was unnecessary and she gets mad. Then I take my dad outside to meet Shirley, Tami, and my girl cousin whose twin died apparently. Then I'm at yoga, where we just say "om" and do nothing else. I want to leave early. I go to the Catholic Church and wait in line to see the priest. He looked like Dr. Telch. Don't know which hand to touch him with - I think either the right or left hand is considered unholy, but can't remember which. Say hi to Gabby and she turns away and leaves. Back at our dorm other people are there. I brush my teeth and notice our bookshelf where you lay books on their side. It's Friday. She asks if I will be gone tonight and tomorrow so other people can sleep on my bed. There are no sheets on my bed.