Game of Thrones Cold War

Date: 8/18/2017

By willowgroves

i held a house party at House and basically what happened was it was a cross between the cold war and game of thrones. it was really weird. I was having a discussion with Churchill half the time and at the same time with Stalin and Roosevelt. And they were getting along but there was a chance that they would all die pretty soon and the cold war would begin. anyway in this house party I threw, I invited a load of people around and we were like having a laugh but then we found a house so we went in and found that it was like the torture chamber of like Sansa Stark. She was like torturing folk. and then I kinda turned into Arya and left my party back at sansa's house and we went away and then half way between somewhere and somewhere else I pressed a button and out fell Ramsey Bolton back at Sansa's house from the ceiling. he was like suspended. Anyway Back at Sansa's house my party was like having a field day wondering why the hell Ramsey was not dead. he had like half his face ripped off by dogs but like he was still alive. and I was watching as two blocks decided how to torture him. and I was like vomitting because they were feeding him awful stuff. Then my old primary school teacher showed up with the rest of the cold war people and we had like a White Walker tea party. And then I went in the shower and people were letting themselves into the bathroom and I was telling them to go away. Which no one did and obviously it was embarrassing