Date: 5/26/2017

By Icha

I dreamt about my school. I dreamt about how fucked up my country's education system is, that the counceling teachers can parkour like youngsters in order to catch ditching studets. I was ditching, and I found that near my school there was an underground parking lot. It looked like the future of Matahari Mall. I was peeking through the basement hole to checked my teacher. And she is still looking for me. I was like a fucking criminal there. I ran, I hid, I disguised as innocent person, until I saw this other room that was really dim. Inside of it was workers with white shirt and tie. Almost like office workers. I was confused by it because why the hell our school or whatever this building is had a room filled with working people underground? Busy with all the thoughts, I bumped into a student. Looks like elementary, and he wore scout outfit. I asked him why he's here but I can't figured out why. He offered me something that looked like a rolled, maroon beanie. I took it, and then suddenly my teach get into the room and began to search for me, and she brought someone else that I familiar with. I began to approached her, and unrolled the beanie, to find that was actually a tank top with that scout boy's school logo. I wore it to convinced my teach that I was called here to help with something. She kinda buys it, so it's all good for me.