Wrong Name? Should've-Been Name?

Date: 3/8/2017

By teerific

We were all hanging out some place that reminded me of school. It was very sunny, very nice weather. Ramya and I were by the bathroom door just talking, David comes up to greet us. He gives me a little head tap, then he looks at me, then he pulls me to him. He started kissing me, moving from my lips to my cheeks to my neck, and I didn't know what to do and was quite confused. I pulled away, and I was trying to question his intentions, "Emmett?" I was really embarrassed that Emmett was subconsciously on my mind when this was happening, so flustered, I go into the bathroom. And Emmett's laying on the ground, face full of makeup. ??? Why was he in the girl's bathroom? Why then of all times?