Dorm room house basement

Date: 5/29/2017

By Toroco

Dorm room house in the country. A recurring locale over time where the driveway contains a barn and large farmhouse that seems to have been made into apartments and on one side there is sort of a restaurant and along the driveway there is a cow barn. It is amongst farm fields and has a nice setting. Sometimes the same place is in a city... Something like Salem MA with close in houses and lots of power lines. Other times it is in an ominous setting like a dark war torn street underneath a craggy mountain. Inside it is often messy. This time I was on the third level wearing leather and everyone was gay - in party mode drag queens etc. I had some coins I wanted that I could not find. Many people wanted sex with me but I was preoccupied. Apparently with the coins. I went outside and down into the basement. It was cooler there and felt homey. It had decorations like sheets on the wall etc. I found my coins and went to the back of the basement to take a nap. One of the younger guys from upstairs came into my room and we said we loved each other. He was upset that I hid my true gay self sometimes but he said he forgave me. We kissed and laid down. He had a nice dick and said he was a bottom. I noticed he had lesions above his penis where pubic hair typically was. I didn't want to say anything about it. 4-5 more people came into the basement and into our area and were taking pictures of us and were happy we'd finally gotten together. One of the guys, or it might have been the guy I was laying with, said he liked my hair. I remembered I hadn't combed it all day and it was sticking straight up in a ridiculous way. It was longer that my hair really is. Someone started touching my hair and stroking it because of how it was styled but I knew it was just because I slept on it wrongly.