Humans Vs Aliens

Date: 1/19/2017

By rubywalser

I forgot how my dream started but it took place on my yard/in my house and we we fighting off all these aliens. It was almost like that video Halo pr something because we had thick metal armor on and really cool guns. Near the end of the dream when we were running on the dock to destroy the aliens main base, i remember telling myself to remember this dream because i have been forgetting my dreams when i wake up and thats when i realized oh wait i am awake in my dream. Sadly this happened right before my alarm went off anI didnt get to experience the rest of my Lucid dream. Wait I remembered the first part of my dream. The only part that I remember and I don't know if this was separate dream or not but I was dating Parker and I guess I had a really big butt and everyone wanted me to sit on them. Eric really wanted me to sit on his lap but I felt like that was cheating on Parker so I sat on his feet instead.