Bad girl?

Date: 6/28/2017

By parisleech13

My parents arranged this marriage with an Indian man.(I'm Christian so I was a bit confused) then he came in a white limo with no windows and in the back was a golden retriever with a big pink bow. And I was like Awh. This is cute but cringe. And he was like let me take You to school and I said okay. But only in my Porsche. I'm not going in a limo. He was like okay. Then we got to school and he was like. Would you like me to walk you in and I was like no. Bye! And then he stole my Porsche!! Anyway. I was a badass and kept getting kicked out of school. So the last resort was barbeacon. I went there and lemme tell you. It was fancy ass. But I was like full on badass. Smoking, drinking, EVERYTHING! So I went and there was raessa and everyone there. And I was like wtf? (Because ya know. They hate me) so anyways. So I just carried on being the normal bitch. As per usual. Then it got to PE and they were in PE. Then unaysah came up to me and was like omg hey! Why you here! And I was like ya know. The usual. So then we went outside to do PE and I was like to myself. Where can I go for a smoke. Then I looked to the corner of the field and was like ahhhh. So, I saw the boys playing football and the girls stretching and was like. Eh. I'll make it. So I sprinted into the corner of the field with people chasing me but didn't care. Lit a cigarette and then smoked it. After that people started surrounding me so I put it out. Then this girl was like what the hell! And threw her shoe at me. So I was just like. Really? And threw it over a fence into stinging nettles n stuff. Then she was like no! That show was expensive and jumped over the fence into nettles and decided to search for it. IN THE NETTLES. So I walked back in school and Mrs Brennon was like. I'm fed up with you. You're going back to etone for a few days and then we're putting you in a different school! I was like okay. So then I went back to etone and Miss Kelly smith was like why the hell are you back? Knowbody wants you here and I was like woah. Chill. Then shit happened where unaysah thought I was slagging her off when I wasn't. So I went to house office and was like where to next. And they said st. Thomas Moore. And I was like. Ha good one. I'm not going there. They said yeah. You are. Next. I'm at st Thomas Moore and all day I was thinking. What can I do in a catholic school. To get kicked out. The next day I wore my normal uniform. Except instead of wearing a shirt. I wore a white bralette. Cuz I'm a saucy betch. And I went to form. Then my form teacher was like what the hell you wearing! I was like. I thought you were catholic. Don't say hell. Then I got kicked out. And woke up.