first school related (?) dream of summer

Date: 8/16/2017

By necrosar

i was sitting at a bench and my history teacher from last year was there and i told him i got a 4 on my ap test and i thought (and still do think, irl) that i got the highest bcause i didnt see anyone else put as much effort as me in the class, but he said someone got a 5 and i got real jealous. later i was in sarajevo trying to find my grandmas apartment building after a night of drinking and i couldnt but i found a different house where my aunt was (even though she lives in america with me irl) and we drank tequila together. then i was at a wedding or something and i was wearing white and trying to find some black clothes in the area because id rather wear those, then a guy from my english class came up to me and we argued about something, then he left and i saw my friends who were seniors when i was a sophomore and i hugged one, another shaved and looked like my dad??, hugged another, and said hi to one thats my ex and he looked like he wanted a hug but i left because i needed the black clothes. turns out my dad was the justice of the peace marrying the couple there