Moon Eclipse, Red Moon Eclipse, and an Airplane

Date: 8/17/2019

By tankgirl

I was at my old house and it seemed we were all having a party or get together of some sort. Many people started leaving and then I begin to leave because I had to go to class in my dream. As I get outside I begin searching for my car along the drive way and the streets be there were many cars parked in front of the house. When I reach my car which was on the street I begin to unlock and put my stuff in the passenger side. Then I heard commotion coming from the people outside the house. I turned around to see what was going on and I look up and see that the moon was having an Eclipse. Immediately I began speaking in tounges. Obviously I didn’t know what I was saying but it came out of my mouth and was expressed as a praise to God. Then suddenly, as the moon was having an Eclipse which was quite fast, the moon turned red. An airplane accompanied the eclipsing red moon and began to soar across the sky with it. At first it seemed like the plane was playing with the moon doing all types of tricks and flips with it and then all of a sudden the plane began to fly out of control and swooped down extremely close to the ground a few times. The second time the airplane swooped down was it near all of the people leaving the house. As we all were ducking I noticed a flash like a picture was taken coming from the belly of the plane. I even heard the sound of a camera flick. Everyone then started to run back into the house. I remember closing my eyes and running towards the house with somebody but that part was skipped for some reason because when I opened my eyes I was in my car just ducking down in the driver’s seat, trying to hide from something. I felt terrified for some reason. Not only because of the plane incident but it felt like some unseen entity was on a rampage and looking for people to destroy. I couldn’t see anything visibly but I felt an oppressive presence. Then my mother came out of the house to get me. She came by my car and helped me out of the broken car window an didn’t say a word but I felt reassurance and safety when I was with her. Like the evil was slowly backing off away from me quite literally. As we walked back to the house I notice this large panel of starry sky in front of us, with the moon regular and the planet Venus actually looking like a planet. Not a star ways away from the earth. We walked closer to it and the house was somehow camouflaged with the same print as the sky. When we finally got to the door I noticed the door had L.E.D lights on it in letters .A .B .C and a flickering .D. Then I woke up. (9:30)

AI generated interpretation In your dream, the moon eclipse, red moon eclipse, and the airplane symbolize significant events or changes occurring in your life. The party or get-together at your old house represents a social gathering or a sense of nostalgia for the past. As people start leaving, it reflects a transitional phase where certain aspects of your life are coming to an end. Searching for your car symbolizes your desire for independence and self-reliance. The many parked cars suggest that there are numerous options or paths available to you, but it may also represent feeling overwhelmed or confused about which direction to take. The moon eclipse and subsequent red moon indicate a sudden and significant transformation or crisis. The eclipse itself may represent a disruption or temporary darkness in your life, and the red color could signify intense emotions or a sense of urgency. Speaking in tongues may represent your desire for spiritual expression or connection during times of uncertainty or chaos. The airplane represents a sense of adventure, freedom, and excitement. Initially, it performs tricks and flips with the moon, symbolizing a playful and exhilarating experience. However, when it begins to fly out of control and swoop down dangerously close to the ground, it suggests a loss of control or instability in your life. The flash and sound of a camera being taken from the belly of the plane might indicate a sense of intrusion or invasion of your privacy. The oppressive presence and feeling of terror may represent anxiety or fear about certain aspects of your life. It could be related to an unseen threat or an imbalance of power. The presence of your mother provides reassurance and safety, suggesting that you find comfort and guidance in familial support. The large panel of starry sky with the regular moon and planet Venus reflects a sense of wonder, possibility, and harmony. The house camouflaged with the same print as the sky suggests blending in or fitting into your environment, possibly a desire for stability or finding a sense of belonging. Overall, this dream highlights transitions, uncertainties, and the need for reassurance in your life. It suggests that you may be facing unexpected changes or challenging situations, but with the support of loved ones, you can find a sense of safety and navigate through these difficulties.