The Red Queen

Date: 4/9/2017

By Fitful

I was sailing a seafaring ship which went through the sky. I had a collected a nice crew and we were after this grand treasure, journeyed far to get there. My friends were on board, in this enclosed cabin, and we were finally at our destination. But then a member of our party, this redhead, turned on us. It turns out her man had been steering the ship and she just took over. She killed all - gunshots to the head - except me and my girlfriend, this short black girl with a close cut natural afro who worked for her. I literally saw her shoot someone, my father maybe, a few feet away. When she came up to me with a gun and pushed it against my head I knew I was going to die. I didn't want to see this, see my brains splatter everywhere, or feel it. So I just curled up into a ball and buried my head in my arms. Click. But I lived, this long moment held and the she pulled her gun away. It was a choice to spare me. -- She took my girlfriend hostage, who worked for her sky naval fleet with the uniform and military attitude and soft obedience, and myself as well but I managed to get away easily. I slipped into the walls of the building where she held my girlfriend hostage. This building I was much familiar with, it was red and stood thousands of feet into the sky. She wasn't called The Red Queen for nothing, although I think it was a bit pompous of her. Compensation for something? I left searching for someone. I needed a spell to do some magic. I had to find Biff. The dream switched to my girlfriends view and she, I was watching myself, named Buffy, run off to find this guy Bif. -- My cell had a small paned window at the top of the cell looking out. This guy Biff, he had bullied Buffy in school and I was worried what it would be like her seeing him again. I knew she was just trying to take down the Red Queen and free me but it was still worrisome. I think I worried more for her than for myself. I knew I was going to die. The Red Queen had me brought to her chambers. She was upset about my power, and just everything in general. She had amassed much power, books of magic, mine were among them. I wrote the books in my lifetime, magic books, stories which had the magic path nestled inside. She was done with me. I had become more trouble than I was worth, and she was mad I fell in bed with the enemy. -- I am my self again, and I find the spells I need. Onai Ocai are the words I find and I head back to the Red Tower. My girlfriend is with the Red Queen. I'm very afraid for her. She's on her knees, still in her uniform. The queen wants to hurt her. She threatens her children, I think she's going to find them and kill them, but she turns to three books on the shelf instead. It's three books my girlfriend wrote. I protest loudly, because these are my girlfriends life work. These books are the only copy, the Red Queen collected all the rest before and burned them. Now only she retains a single copy of the published work and the original drafted manuscript. The Red Queen angrily goes on and on about how the books is inferior. This animal the Yodai is stupid, she complains. The animal is a cross between a rat and a rabbit. It's is central to the end of the story, the outcome, but the outcome is never very clear until it happens, the spirit of the Yodai at work. She doesn't believe in the Yodai. She is enraged by the silliness of it, disgusted. She, The Red Queen, shoots the three published books, with a laser gun and they incinerate and vanish. I cry out and feel so sad for my girlfriend. The original copy does sit on the shelf, bound in brown leather and covered in scribbled writing. A real rough draft. The Red Queen claims more secrets of magic lie in the original manuscript. -- We have triumphed I'm assuming because we are now in a courtroom and the Red Queen is being tried. She comes to court dressed in foam clothes with a large foam attachment shaped like a giant dick, and a gray/tan foam attachment shaped like a chastity belt like cover for her genitals. She's brought in with guards escorting her and when they release her she removed the foam dick and the chastity belt cover and a shows us her red foam pussy. This is in protest of course what they're doing to her.