Date: 9/13/2019

By calehman

There is a back story that I think carries over from a previous dream, or at least is an implied part of the story. (backstory: I was searching for motorcycles on craigslist and found a few I liked. I wanted to put one on hold in Florida so I sent the man a check for a very strange amount in the $200 range. It was like $212 or something. Strange.) Anyway, in Florida on vacation with people who I don't remember. But a small group. I'm on foot walking and this guy on a motorcycle makes a pass at me, like tries to hit me. So I started running and I hear him behind me, again. I ran around a corner but this guy still on my trail. Next thing I remember I am in a building sitting in the first floor packed in a room with other people. The guy on the motorcycle walks up to the window and asks if anyone had seen me and everyone says no and then he said that's weird because he could see me sitting on the couch. I asked him who he is and he said his name and said that I sent him a $212 check for the motorcycle that he was riding. Asked if I still wanted it. Next thing I remember Brandon and me are riding in like a sprinter van with Nate Gage driving and we are driving along like a cliff with sharp turns and he doesn't quite go off the cliff but the curb lifts the left side of the van and overturns it. We all scramble out and in the process my phone and wallet and car keys fall off the cliff into the water. I believe it we were in the van driving back to our houses (we 3 lived next door to each other). I think it was because I wanted to get money to buy the motorcycle. I think I woke up at this point.