3 dreams in 1? portals and a raccoon dog

Date: 5/11/2017

By beesrcooldudes

So there was like a contest thing and a lot of my family were there. Most of them were eating at a table. Some person would say a food item and you would find that on the table. At first it wasn't too strange but then the person said tentacle. Everyone was relying on me. So I went to the second floor (there were two floors of people eating??? Idk). My grandpa seemed very excited. I remember opening a cabinet and pulling out a fake tentacle. Just to clarify, before the tentacle, the food were all real. So there happened to be a weird portal in the cabinet so I went in along with my grandpa. It was just my grandmas house except it wasn't. It was like an evil clone of my grandmas house but i don't know how I knew that since it looked exactly the same. The weird thing was that my sister (or a clone of her?) was there. No one but my grandpa and now me knew about this portal. I was convinced she wasn't my real sister so I asked her when my birthday was and what the date was. She answered the first right and in my dream she answered the second right even though it wasn't the date in real life. The date it was in my dream was June 5 a day after my birthday. So I guess the contest thing was actually a party game. I don't remember what happened for a good portion of that but then the dream changed. It was the same setting but different people and a different plot. I was apparently 6 years old and I was sitting on a box. There was a class (like a school class. It was kinda like a field trip????) that wouldn't shut up and I was supposed to be telling them something once they were quiet. I never told them anything but instead a women tried moving the box while I was still on it so I hung on for dear life. There was some kind of conversation but I don't remember the specifics. I just remember wanting to kill the women?? Yeah I don't know. So then I thought "I could make a knife appear right now." (In real life before I went to bed I was reading some stuff about lucid dreaming). Then it hit me. I was dreaming. I looked at my hand but then I started to "wake up". I actually only dreamt that I woke up. Now I was in my bed room. I looked at my window and there was a raccoon on my window sill. Actually I think it was its own species but it somewhat resembled a raccoon. I was a bit confused and I wasn't sure if I was hallucinating so I took some photos of it. Then I took one of those finger pointer sticks and led it into my living room to show my mom. While walking it turned into a bird and once we got in the living room it was a dog. I didn't seem to notice or care. The raccoon dog pooped on the floor which annoyed my parents. My mom was trying to figure out what to do with it but I wanted to keep it. I said I'd take care of it. It was really ugly and dirty so I'm not sure why my dream self would want to. That's all I really remember before I actually woke up.