Holiday shopping is the worst

Date: 12/28/2017

By iamnotmhz

So I’m in the mall in what appears to be a converted FYE. It is still a music/entertainment store somehow but it isn’t branded an FYE. I couldn’t make out what the company was. It wasn’t the blue color scheme I remember them being; what stood out the most was the 70s looking brown carpet the spread the distance of the store. My wife appears to be working here because the reason I am in the store is I am waiting for her to finish a meeting with her district manager somewhere in the back. As I’m walking around the store, there’s a lady who is checking out at the front counter but is positioned so far back away from the counter she is blocking the entirely impulse queue row and I really wanted to check it out. I try to walk by her and say excuse me but no luck. Eventually I got so infuriated with this non-moving lady I walked the long way around her to the section I wanted to get to. I start making a scene at this lady and at some point I very loudly yelled “HEY FUCK YOU AND YOUR UGLY CHRISTMAS SWEATER”. She never turned around to acknowledge me though. For reference, I’m pretty sure this was in the old FYE spot that was on the first floor of a South Jersey mall.